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True North

True North

On the surface, Indy Lewin-Kaminetzsky is many things: shy kid, rebel, book lover, boot lover, physics nerd. Beneath the surface, she harbors secret identities: former dead girl, crazy-pants wearer, UFO prognosticator, girl crushing on bad-boy jock, Sawyer Reyes, and beloved fringe internet radio host, 'Orion.' 


After drowning in the Holy Ghost River in fifth grade, Indy was miraculously resurrected. At the time, she swore that a creature with neon eyes saved her, but her doctors wrote it off as oxygen deprivation. Now, in her junior year of high school, she’s started channeling coordinates. Vexed by the phenomena, Indy anonymously launches the late-night internet radio show, True North, hoping listeners will help her figure out what they mean. But as Indy’s coordinates herald in bona fide UFO sightings, and her radio show morphs from fringe entertainment to internet phenomenon, True North jump-starts a high school rebellion that complicates everything. The truth is out there, and Indy’s burgeoning romance with Sawyer may be key. But unlocking it may mean risking an alien invasion and jeopardizing everyone Indy cares about. 


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