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Between Wild and Ruin: Book 1 of the Wild and Ruin trilogy

Between Wild and Ruin: Book 1 of the Wild and Ruin trilogy

Get your signed copy of the critically acclaimed debut YA novel, Bewteen Wild and Ruin . . .



Truth, like love, isn’t always obvious.


Seventeen-year-old Ruby Brooks has never had a boyfriend. After moving to small-town La Luna, New Mexico following her mother’s untimely death, boys aren’t even on her radar. Ruby just wants to forget the last horrible year and blend in. But when she discovers an ancient pueblo ruin hidden in the forest behind her house, and meets Ezra, a bitter recluse whose once-perfect face was destroyed in an accident he won’t talk about; Angel, the town’s handsome sheriff’s deputy, and Leo, a stranger who only appears in the forest, Ruby finds herself caught between love, mystery and other worlds. What happened to Ezra’s face? And why is she so attracted to the one boy in town everyone despises? As Ruby unravels her own connections to the pueblo ruin, she’ll learn surfaces are deceiving. Especially in the heart of New Mexico, where ghosts and legends aren’t always just campfire stories.


Set against a Northern New Mexico backdrop, Between Wild and Ruinis a young adult coming of age story that captures the wild and whimsical pulse of New Mexico through the eyes of teens Ruby Brooks, Angel Ruiz, and Ezra Lucero. The first book in the Wild and Ruin series, Between Wild and Ruin explores the time-tested credo ‘never judge a book by its cover’ through a paranormal lens, weaving Puebloan and Hispanic folklore and Southwest cultural narratives into tightly written, high-concept fiction ‘brimming with mystery, intrigue,’ and as Kirkus Reviews puts it, an “intriguing historical drama and an over-the top quadrangle romance.”


Praise for Between Wild and Ruin:


“Fans of Twilight and modern fairy tales will fall in love with Ruby and root for her eventual romance.”— Blue Ink Review (Starred Review)


“Between Wild and Ruin is a stunning story of legends, romance, and destiny.” — Manhattan Book Review


“An engrossing, unforgettable YA story.” — Ryan Sprague, Author and Host of ‘Somewhere In the Skies’ and The CW’s ‘Roswell: Mysteries Decoded.’


“An intriguing historical tale and an over-the-top love-quadrangle romance.” — Kirkus Reviews


“Descriptions of the New Mexico landscape are rich and atmospheric, arousing the senses with references to the scent of smoke and juniper, the predatory roar of mountain lions, and the brilliant dazzle of stars in the desert sky.” — Clarion Forward


“Highly recommended to mature teens through new adult and adult audiences, this is a story that lingers in the mind long after its final revelation.” — Midwest Book Review


“The paranormal aspects of the tale are credible and richly steeped in traditional lore, and the plot is finely crafted . . . Between Wild and Ruin is most highly recommended.” — Reader’s Favorite




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