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Cover Art Thoughts?


I'm in the beginning stages of working with my designer on a cover for' Wild Open Faces.' Would you pick this book up based on the cover alone? My initial thoughts are that I'd like to see some different color and font choices. But I love the artwork as a base. Thought? Ideas? Suggestions? Feedback? What do you think the story is about when you see the picture?

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Jan 26, 2019

2 teeny tiny comments. Relative font size: the two adjectives are at least as important as the noun. Wild & Open could be closer in size to the noun it seems, well, at least on it's face. Secondly, is that a seguaro cactus growing out of that guy's head? With the hair flying it took a second to figure out what it was I was looking at.

I would need to know the story to comment on overall suitability. It is a good cover though.

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