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Artist. Writer. Bollywood fanatic. Suspicious of unicorns. Hyperbolic. Respects Ativan and Albert Camus. I own enough dark secrets to power the universe but run a lot of weirdly normal social groups. My split personalities — hardcore skeptic and UFO fanatic — have been locked in a death match for eons.  I love people, meeting new people. If you're human, I'll probably like you — guess you might say I'm not picky.  

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A YA Urban-Fantasy Paranormal-Romance Mashup 

** IBPA Benjamin Franklin 2021 Award for Best New Young Adult Voice 

** First Place Winner — Young Adult Fiction: 2020 Arizona/New Mexico Book Awards

** First Place Winner - Young Adult Fiction: 2020 National Federation Press Women

** Gold Medal Winner (First Place) - Young Adult Mythology/Folklore; 2020 Reader's Choice International  

** First Place Winner - Young Adult Fiction: 2020 New Mexico Women's Press 

Truth, like love, isn’t always obvious. 


 Seventeen-year-old Ruby Brooks has never had a boyfriend. After moving to small-town La Luna, New Mexico following her mother’s untimely death, boys aren’t even on her radar. Ruby just wants to forget the last horrible year and blend in. But when she discovers an ancient pueblo ruin in the forest behind her house and meets Ezra, a bitter recluse whose once-perfect face was destroyed in an accident he won’t talk about; Angel, La Luna’s handsome sheriff’s deputy, and Leo, a stranger who only appears near the ruin, Ruby finds herself teetering between love, mystery, and other worlds. What happened to Ezra’s face? And why is she so attracted to the one boy in town everyone despises? As Ruby unravels her own connections to both Ezra and the pueblo ruin, she’ll learn surfaces are deceiving. Especially in the heart of New Mexico, where spirits and legends aren’t always just campfire stories. 

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When all else fails :-)

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Desert Road

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion."

Albert Camus

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Heart with Wings


Santa Fe, NM, USA

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